5 Conclusion

Future Work

This report is designed to be a living document that is continually updated with new research, new analyses, and new recommendations for Stockton’s green economy. The following are anticipated next steps in data collection, analysis, and research:


  • Analyze commercial infill growth as a Building Utilization strategy.
  • Complete quantitative analysis of building electrification a Building Energy strategy.
  • Analyze solar installations as a Building Energy strategy.
  • Acquire data about industrial building emissions, which is currently limited by PG&E data privacy issues. Stockton could form data partnership agreements or benchmarking mandates directly with local corporations.
  • Conduct a flood risk analysis for Stockton buildings.

Employment & Local Jobs

  • Analyze green job training as an Employment Growth strategy.
  • Analyze green business development as a Local Jobs strategy.


  • Analyze park-and-ride as a Vehicle Miles Traveled strategy.

Resource Management

  • Acquire water consumption data from local water companies.
  • Acquire waste collection data from local waste management companies.

Case Studies

The following are knowledge sources to review for additional case studies to be added to Chapter 3: