3 Overview of Green Economy Strategies


This chapter provides a survey of over fifty green economy strategies that have been implemented, or are being considered, in over eighty cities and regions across the U.S. and beyond. It is organized by overall strategy domain (with explanations for why the domain is chosen) and by specific strategy (where cities with similar examples as the primary case study are grouped together). In Appendix A, this list is re-organized by city or region.

Given the focus of this body of research on Stockton’s green economy strategies, we generally prioritized searching for city-level initiatives over state or federal level policies and private sector initiatives. Compared to the technical analysis elsewhere in this report, which focuses on the GHG footprints of building and transportation and job geography, the strategies in this overview span a broader range of “green” topics, including water and resilience.

Among many others, the following knowledge sources were researched in the development of this survey:

The following chapter will revisit each strategy domain with a focus on specific strategies that can be technically evaluated using the quantitative approach that has been developed in Chapter 2, and that may be applicable to Stockton. While this deeper analysis cannot be applied to all the strategies researched in this chapter, we believe the handful that are detailed are good starting points for Stockton’s green economy initiative in the 2020s.